Assistive Technology ♦ Pre-Vocational Assistance ♦ Responsible Computer Usage
Personalized Assistance ♦ Technology Purchase & Setup


CRC prides itself on our commitment to being a part of the team. We communicate with each agency working with our clients to coordinate services to best serve the individual client.


Assistive Technology focuses on cutting edge technologies that link individuals with disabilities to computer work and educational opportunities. CRC provides a wide range of assistive technology products and services which include:

· Voice activated software programs and alternative access devices that allow hands-free technology manipulation.

· Hands-free technology: utilization of eye and/or head movement in place of a pointing device.

· Text to speech application and software assistance.

· Home Automation: manipulation of home environment through voice activation.

· Rehabilitation engineering assessment of technology and communication needs.

· Assistance with a wide range of software applications.

· Assistance with achieving greater independence with community-based technology.

· New age technology (hardware and software) usage for the visually impaired.

· Technology use for improved communication skills, community mobility and organization of daily routine.

· CRC consults with clients and treatment teams regarding work station design and implementation.


The experienced team at CRC work closely with physicians, guardians, case managers and therapists to coordinate services. Assignments based on team input for realistic goals are given after every session for completion prior to the next session if applicable.

CRC may also provide a maintenance program to problem solve issues that may occur with technology/device usage. This may be accomplished by face-to-face interaction, email correspondence, video correspondence, etc., every four to six weeks or as needed.


CRC provides technology assistance to meet pre-vocational skills to prepare for employment in the community. Individuals with brain injury have some degree of new learning deficits and learn best with one-on-one assistance. Skills gained through assistance may give a sense of accomplishment to those individuals. Assistance on specific software programs for use in school/college is also available for individuals of all ages who are in need.

Persons with incomplete or complete spinal cord injuries have fine motor deficits. They require alternative access options to use technology. New technology is being developed on a regular basis that can enhance independence. CRC makes every effort to keep up on new devices that can assist an individual’s ability to function in the community.


CRC can remotely provide monitoring of internet use for those individuals with TBI who are impulsive and vulnerable to Web-based scams, etc. Each team member, if applicable, is assisted in how to use the software that blocks viruses, spyware, etc. Dependent upon their abilities, we also teach general technology maintenance. Monitoring may be done by CRC or an outside designated person or entity.


CRC, via our independent contractors, may provide on-site technology assistance, tailored to need for all major and specialized desktop applications. Services are available at the client's home or other setting at scheduled meeting times to accommodate their needs.


CRC can purchase, setup and personalize the technology to the client's specific needs, both at home and at a work site. Assistance will be given to the client and team for additional instruction if needed.