On April 22, 2017, CRC’s very own William Day took part in the Talons Out Honor Flight to Washington D.C. Mr. Day, who served with the United States Marine Corp and is a Vietnam War Veteran, Life Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Adams-Rockey Post 6056 and a vVeteran advocate, volunteered – and paid associated fees- to be a guardian to a World War II Veteran during the Honor Flight. Mr. Day was assigned WWII Veteran Donald Clarke, 94, from Jackson, Michigan. Accompanying Mr. Day on this amazing journey was Reinold E. Yahnka, Vietnam War Veteran who served in the United States Air Force and is a Commander and Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Adams-Rockey Post 6056. Mr. Yahnka was assigned WWII and Life Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Adams-Rockey Post 6056 Iven (Ike) Norris, 91, from Onondaga, Michigan.

Approximately 100 people were at the airport in Kalamazoo the morning of the flight, to honor and thank the veterans for their service. The fire department was there to give a water cannon salute. Upon arrival in Washington D.C. the Vets were greeted by about 500 people lined up in the airport singing songs and shaking the hands of the Veterans as they passed by.

The group loaded up onto 5 charter buses and had a Park Police escort to all of the War Memorials:

  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Marine Corp Memorial
  • Air Force Memorial
  • World War II Memorial
  • Reflecting Pond
  • Vietnam War Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Korean War Memorial
  • FDR Memorial

Afterward they arrived at the Airport where they were once again greeted by around 100 people to send the Veterans back home. The Veterans again received a water cannon salute from the fire department, this time in Washington D.C.  Once in the air on the way back to Kalamazoo the Talon's Out crew had a "Mail Call" on the plane for all of the WWII and Korean War veterans where they passed out mail from family and friends. Upon landing in Kalamazoo they  were placed on buses and given an escort by Police, Fire Department,  and motorcycles from several Veteran organizations stretching perhaps a mile long to a school where the Veterans were greeted over 3000 people lining the hallways and gym. It was an amazing experience for al involved.


Talons Out Honor Flight

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