CRC founder and president, William Day. Mr. Day is active in the brain injury community as well as volunteering and working with veterans of the armed services.

CRC Headquarters. Springport, Michigan.

CRC: Technology for Independance


At CRC not only are we committed to helping our clients with all of their technology needs, we are also trying to minimize our impact on the environment. That's why we use alternate sources of energy whenever possible.

Our offices are powered by multiple sources. Our main sources of power are a wind turbine and solar panels. The wind turbine and solar panels guarantee that our systems are up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless of any power outages which may occur through the power company. It is also one way we are working to lessen our environmental foot print.

Radiant heat is another resource we are utilizing in our efforts to make our offices as "green" as possible. Radiant heat from hot water is used to heat our main office. The wood box (as seen below) heats the water which is then transferred underground to the office. A radiant floor system receives the hot water and sends it through zones into the ground floor and second floor to produce heat. This is the most proficient and cost effective system today. Wood is a renewable source of energy along with forest conservation and restoration.

CRC is a Michigan-based company. Our  headquarters are located in Springport, Michigan, however our independent contractors are located throughout the state. We service individuals all over the state of Michigan, as well as upper Indiana and Ohio. To the right is a map which shows the locations of our independent contractors and clients.

CRC specializes in assistive technology and cognitive/rehabilitation plans. We also provide assistance with technology purchase, setup, and training.


CRC is a proud member of:
Brain Injury Association of Michigan BIAMI
Brain Injury Network of Northern Michigan BINNM
Lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Member of the American Legion

CRC is also involved with two veteran programs:
Camp Liberty
Life Reacclimation Systems

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